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This category applies to all products targeting people who were born in 1964 or earlier, the baby boomers. We will need to come up with a new name sometime after 2025.

Overview of Riders for GTL’s Advantage Plus

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Emphasized Policies from Medicare Certification Training in Summer/Fall of 2015

Many of you know Gene Page. He is Stone Hill’s regulation expert. Here is his synopsis of what the carriers are emphasizing in the fall of 2015 during their product certifications. Some things have been emphasized in this year’s Medicare-certification trainings (exams taken

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Presentation on GTL’s Hospital-Indemnity Plan

This is a presentation done by Greg Esposito, whom many of you know. He is one of their regional representatives and works with Stone Hill. He is a straightforward and stand-up guy. Link: GTL Presentation on Their Hospital Indemnity Plan

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Medicare Client Application Submission Processes

Below is a list, by carrier, of all the available Medicare client application submission processes. If you find we have missed one, or have incorrect information, please feel free to leave us a comment and we will take care of

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The surprising truth about where, when and why retirees relocate

JUL 15, 2015 | BY MICHAEL FINKE One of my hobbies is collecting photographs from the retirement brochures handed to clients of financial services companies. My personal favorite genre is the silhouette of a white-haired husband and wife sitting in lounge chairs on

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Social Security Retirement Ages and Spousal Benefits (2015)

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Comparison of 2 Broad Dental-Coverage Options for Boomers

Dental health contributes significantly to a person’s quality of life. Without a healthy mouth, eating is not enjoyable and overall health is endangered. So what is a boomer to do if the traditional ways of getting dental insurance no longer seem cost-effective, a sentiment

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The Impossible

Mission: Possible!  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate your book of business and unlock the secrets of Dental Discount Programs! Though you may be hesitant, your clients will be pleasantly surprised at the amazing discounts

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Don’t wait too long to plan for Long Term Care

THE U.S. DEPARTMENT of Health and Human Services reports that 70 percent of Americans who reach age 65 will need long-term care at some point. Nobody wants to think about themselves or a loved one needing long-term care. But if you don’t have a strategy in

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