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These 7 charts show how Americans are claiming Social Security

Survey finds misconceptions, health problems and job loss top reasons for not maximizing benefits AUG 31, 2015 | BY WARREN S. HERSCH Nationwide’s survey shows that 83 percent of recent retirees began taking Social Security benefits early. Having failed to plan for retirement,

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Medicare/HICN Claim Numbers Explained

Health Insurance Claim Number (HICN)—This is the number used by Social Security and Medicare to identify a beneficiary. Social Security is responsible for all eligibility assignment and enrollment into Medicare while Medicare is responsible for oversight and fulfillment of the

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Social Security Retirement Ages and Spousal Benefits (2015)

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Social Security Beneficiary Data (Dec 2013)

Retired workers 38 million$49 billion $1,294 avg monthly benefit Dependents 2.9 million$1.9 billion Disabled workers 8.8 million$10.3 billion $1,146 avg monthly benefit Dependents 2 million$0.69 billion Survivors 6.2 million$6.7 billion $1,244 avg monthly benefit

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Five of the most important facts everyone gets wrong about Social Security

By Jonnelle Marte June 15 at 1:50 PM Social Security Administration’s main campus is seen in Woodlawn, Md. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File) There’s no denying that Social Security is confusing. But many people — including those close to retirement age — struggle

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