Comparison of 2 Broad Dental-Coverage Options for Boomers

Dental health contributes significantly to a person’s quality of life. Without a healthy mouth, eating is not enjoyable and overall health is endangered. So what is a boomer to do if the traditional ways of getting dental insurance no longer seem cost-effective, a sentiment many share with their insurance agents? Boomers often feel caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, Medicare does not offer dental coverage. On the other hand, many boomers feel that the dental coverage offered to retirees does not come close to the value of group dental coverage that set their expectations when they were younger.

Well, recently an old approach to dental coverage has been reinvigorated, dental discount plans. They can offer significant value to boomers (and others) because people can enjoy the discounted rates that larger provider networks have negotiated with the dentists and specialists. See for yourself. Compare the two approaches to dental-health coverage.


Traditional Dental Plan (Typical)
Price $40 – $50 /Month/person
Maximum Benefit $750 – $2000/yr.
Waiting Period 0 – 6 month – 2 yrs. Depending on procedure
Deductible $100 – $250 is common
Services Covered Some services not covered, see plan for details.
Dentures Realignment Services
Orthodontia Not covered
Network Good – Carrier Contracted Dentists


Discount Dental Plan
Price $7/Individual – $15/Family
Maximum Benefit No Maximum Benefit
Waiting Period No waiting periods. Buy it today, use it today.
Deductible No deductible required
Services Covered No restrictions. Not all providers perform all services.
Dentures Covered
Orthodontia Covered
Network 6 Networks to select from. Over 90% contracted.
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