Top 25 Websites on Life Insurance and Annuities for Boomer Agents

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Today, the internet plays a role in the lives of almost every American. From checking your emails on a smart phone, to watching funny Youtube videos, to buying and trading stocks, all the way to completing college courses online…the digital presence in our lives is on a fast moving train with no end in sight.

Although the financial services industry, in particular the life insurance and annuity sector, has been slow to adapt to the digital world, the last couple of years have been monumental in terms of new sites and digital developments for this industry.

The following list shows the top 25 most influential and important websites for insurance marketing and educational resources.*

(In no particular order of relevance or importance)

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1) LifeHealthPro – Most comprehensive site for life and health producers

2) Insured Retirement Institute – The go-to source for high quality retirement and annuity research

3) LifeHappens – The leading resource for everything life insurance

4) WSJ Smart Money – Great site for unbiased “money content” in the “Retirement Section”

5) Annuity 123 – First ever baby boomer and retirement income specialist matching service

6) Producers Web – Top website for financial professionals to post articles, blogs, and sales ideas

7) Sheryl Moore – Annuity Specs – “The indexed expert” with information on everything indexed

8 ) Advantage Compendium – Jack Marrion, the annuity guru, official website

9) AdvisorOne – Most comprehensive educational and research site for financial advisors

10) Annuity Think Tank – Over 100 retirement and annuity white papers

11) Investment News – “The news center” for financial advisors and broker dealers

12) Morningstar – Most inclusive investment research site on the web

13) Annuity Blog – Top independent annuity blog with over 2,000 annuity blogs

14) GoodFinancialCents – Top independent retirement and life insurance blog

15) Living Benefit Calculator – Best living benefit calculator on current annuities

16) Financial Social Media – Top site for financial professionals interested in online marketing

17) SEC site – Official site of the SEC including information on regulations, rules, and reports

18) NAIFA – National association of insurance and financial advisors

19) Free Annuity TV – First ever annuity educational website using only videos

20) Brokers Alliance Broadcasting – Unbiased online retirement broadcasting

21) Insurance News Net – One of the most comprehensive insurance news sources on the web

22) LIMRA – Some of best financial industry insight, education, and research

23) Annuity Rate Watch – One of the largest databases of annuity products online

24) Insurance Forums – Largest insurance forum with over 33,000 members

25) AnnuityFYI – The pioneer for annuity websites with great content and research

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