Protective Producer Incentive Campaign – Sep 9th- Nov 30th

Protective is here to help by rewarding your producers for drop-ticket term business!  Producers can earn up to $200 by submitting term business using Protective Velocity (EZ App and Electronic Policy Delivery) as well as other Protective approved drop ticket platforms including InsureNow, ApplicInt, Vive, iGo, LifeSpeed, and IXN. 

Place Classic Choice Term and/or Custom Choice UL business using our digital capabilities.

  • $25 for every placed policy submitted via a Protective-approved drop-ticket platform.
  • $25 for every placed policy delivered with electronic policy delivery (EPD).
  • Producer can earn a maximum of $200 in incentives.
Number of policiesSubmitted using drop-ticket platformDelivered using EPD
1Does not qualifyDoes not qualify
2$25 gift card$25 gift card
3$25 gift card$25 gift card
4$25 gift card$25 gift card
5$25 gift card$25 gift card
6 or moreNo further rewards providedNo further rewards provided

Incentive begins with the second placed policy. Incentive ends with the fifth placed policy.

  • Submit Business: September 11 – November 30
  • Place Business: December 31
  • Receive Gift Card/s: January 30

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