’s Plan Finder Being Replaced is launching a new version of “Medicare Plan Finder” in time for the Annual Enrollment Period of 2019. They will eventually close their current version of the Plan Finder.

If you used the old version of the Plan Finder to perform drug look-ups and save your beneficiaries’ drug lists for annual analysis, those lists will be lost when shuts down the old version. You will not be able to access them, so you should consider exporting them manually and storing them securely somewhere so that you can put them into the new Plan Finder.

What’s New in the New Plan Finder?

On the new Medicare Plan Finder, you will have two options for analyzing your clients’ medications: (1) you can manually enter them into an anonymous view each time you are analyzing the medications against the plans, or (2) you can help your client create a account (requires MBI) that can permanently save prescription-drug data and requires you client to be present with the account is used.


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