The average disability claim lasts almost three years. Yet, half of all working Americans couldn’t go one month without a paycheck before financial difficulties begin. Help your client’s protect their income in the event of a disability.

A Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance, sometimes known as a “No Questions Life Insurance” may be a good alternative for your clients who have multiple health concerns. Learn about all the pros and cons of these whole life products.

Does your client own a term life policy that’s no longer fitting their needs? Learn more about the possible conversion options and how a converted policy could help protect your client long term.

With all the optional riders available to your clients, be sure they know exactly what they are adding to the policy. Read more about all the available options there are for Life Insurance policies.

A Final Expense product may be the perfect option to cover funeral expenses for your clients. Learn more about how these products work and if they could be a good fit for your client.