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Myth: I’m single with no dependents, I don’t need a Life Insurance policy

Fact: Uninsured clients may leave behind Student Loans, Medical/Hospital bills, Funeral Expenses and more to their loved ones and executors to deal with. your clients be prepared for whatever may come next.

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We’re only young once!

Talk to you clients about the benefits of getting a Life Insurance policy sooner rather than later.×364-c-default.jpg

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Medicare Advantage Commissions for 2021

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Protective Producer Incentive Campaign – Sep 9th- Nov 30th

Protective is here to help by rewarding your producers for drop-ticket term business!  Producers can earn up to $200 by submitting term business using Protective Velocity (EZ App and Electronic Policy Delivery) as well as other Protective approved drop ticket platforms

Posted in Insurance’s Plan Finder Being Replaced is launching a new version of “Medicare Plan Finder” in time for the Annual Enrollment Period of 2019. They will eventually close their current version of the Plan Finder. If you used the old version of the Plan Finder

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On Medicare’s Medical Savings Account (MSA)

If a Medicare Medical Savings Account, an MSA, is available in your state, it is already or soon will be an indispensable arrow in your product quiver. Here’s why: an MSA constitutes a 3rd major category of Medicare products to

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Medicare Announces It Has Finished Mailing New Medicare Cards!

In an email blast on 2/13/2019, announced that it had finished mailing the last of the Medicare-number replacement cards to people who have been using Medicare cards using their social-security numbers. Here is the text making the announcement. This

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Coordination of Health Insurance Benefits With Traditional Medicare

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (No publication date given except 2018) What Is Coordination of Benefits? When a person is covered by more than one health insurance carrier it is important to know which insurance is responsible to pay

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Exciting Changes to the 48-Hour Scope of Appointment Rule

This is an article from RitterIM’s Agent Survival Guide Published by Chad Houck | Posted 9/29/2017 The 2018 Medicare Marketing Guidelines turned heads by removing the 48-hour Scope of Appointment requirement. Many agents are asking what this means in terms of compliance. Let’s review

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Do’s and Don’ts of Medicare Compliance

Updated by Agent Survival Guide, a project by Ritter Insurance Marketing, a strategic partner of Stone Hill’s, for Medicare CY2018 Published by Sarah J. Rueppel Life as an agent before Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period is a flurry of contracting and certifying.

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