SmartChoice Critical Illness and Accident

Our recently introduced SmartChoice Critical Illness (CI) and Accident Insurance (AI)
lines of coverage have gotten off to a great start this new year.
As they say “Timing is Everything” and the timing of our CI and AI market release looks like
it could not have been better! With ever increasing medical insurance costs resulting in ever
expanding deductibles, the out-of-pocket deductible exposure for small business owners and
their employees has never been greater.
SmartChoice, with its strong guarantee issue benefits and its extremely simplified process,
is now the perfect solution for such out-of-pocket expenses that would accompany a critical
illness diagnosis or even a simple accident.
Attached are several pdf marketing pieces you can use with your broker base to alert them to
these new market opportunities that they can surely take advantage of within their own small
business client/prospect base. The shaded area on each piece can be personalized by you with
your contact information.
Any questions, please contact me, as I’m very much looking forward to a successful 2016 year
together aided by these new SmartChoice CI and AI small business benefit solutions!

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RS-2492 SmartChoice CI and AI Highlight pdf

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RS-2494 SmartChoice_AI_Highlight_r1_enabled

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