Not All Dental Co-Pay Plans are Created Equal!

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How does your clients Co-Pay plan pay when accessing care from a Dental Specialist (i.e. Endodontist, Periodontist, Oral Surgeon, etc.)


The Local Competition Co-Pay plans merely provide the member a 20% discount (no claims are ever paid). Even worse there is no limit to what the provider can charge.


Dentist DIRECT Co-Pay plans contain actual claim payments and contracted fees when accessing care from a specialist, saving the member more than a mere 20% discount and more importantly limiting the amount a specialist can charge the member thus eliminating balance billing.


At Dentist DIRECT we believe in providing your clients with the highest quality dental plans along with competitive pricing. Below are some reasons why you should consider offering a Dentist DIRECT Co-Pay plan to your client!



Dentist DIRECT Co-Pay Plan

  • No Annual Maximum
  • Specialist Claim Payments (Vs 20% Discount)
  • Access to 1,400+ Providers (Summit Network)
  • Low & High Co-Pay Plans
  • Dual & Triple Options (Discount, Co-Pay & PPO)
  • Superior Service (Locally Owned & Operated)


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