Medicare Announces It Has Finished Mailing New Medicare Cards!

In an email blast on 2/13/2019, announced that it had finished mailing the last of the Medicare-number replacement cards to people who have been using Medicare cards using their social-security numbers. Here is the text making the announcement. This will affect what you say to your clients.

Good news: We’ve finished mailing new Medicare cards across the country! You should’ve received your new card by now.

Here’s what to do next:

  • Carry and use your new Medicare card when you need care.
  • Protect your Medicare Number and card, just like you would protect your credit card.
  • Destroy your old Medicare card to help protect your identity.

Haven’t gotten your new Medicare card yet? Sign in to your secure account to see your Medicare Number and print your official card. If you don’t have a MyMedicare account yet, sign up for free at today!

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