Gearing up for AEP: What you need to know!

Its that time of year again! Have you completed your AHIP?

AEP is upon us and carriers are getting ready to roll out their 2016 benefits. Before you are ready sell for the upcoming season, make sure you stay compliant by completing several courses: the 2016 AHIP; the Fraud-Waste-and-Abuse training; carrier-specific certifications; and, in some cases, attend a live training. Just like last year, some carriers are offering a $50 discount towards the cost of AHIP as long as you are appointed with them and enter the AHIP course through a particular carrier’s portal.

Below are some links you can use to both access AHIP and some carrier certifications. Not all certifications are available to the agents, but we expect those to be ready by mid August. We will also be posting carrier-specific, live-training schedules, so please stay tuned to our Resource Center.

  • Aetna/Coventry–
  • Humana– (You will be required to logon. Certifications are under the Education Tab)
  • Select Health- . Live training required. Contact your Broker Account Manager for details.

Please remember that you must be contracted and appointed with these carriers in order to take AHIP through their portals. Once you have successfully completed the 2016 AHIP and the Fraud, Waste and Abuse training and testing, you can transmit your certificate to the carriers you are appointed with using the AHIP site.

If you have any questions or concerns with the AHIP and/or certification process, please call or email Brady Bigler at Stone Hill National.

We look forward to helping you have a successful 2016!





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