Calendar of Upcoming Events & Dates for Boomer Agents

This is a calendar that will be maintained for quick reference, directed mostly at your phone. We are still building the calendar and will include information from all states and product lines sold by Boomer (Senior) agents. Please let us know which additional dates you would like us to include. This is for your convenience, so don’t be shy about asking for insertions! We intend to include live classes, carrier webinars, and StoneHill webinars.

As AEP approaches, some of our carriers are offering discretionary or mandatory face-to-face classes to get you ready to sell. Here is a list of upcoming events. Please remember to complete your AHIP and carrier certifications as soon as possible so that you can be ready to sell by October! If you wait until the last minute, problems often arise that cannot be solved in time for the beginning of AEP, so do not delay.

At the moment, the face-to-face meetings apply only to agents who are within driving distance of Salt Lake City. Other events in other places will be added. If you need us to track down information in your particular market right now, let us know. We understand that our systematic approach may not meet your needs, and we want to adjust.

Please contact Nancy Harris with questions and to RSVP to the live classes: or 801-428-1515

November 12, 2015 Free CE by Life Dept
December 2015 No free CE due to holidays
January 14, 2016 Free CE by Senior Dept
February 11, 2016 Free CE by Securities Dept
March 10, 2016 Free CE by Long-Term-Care Dept
April 14, 2016 Free CE by Senior Dept
May 2016 No free CE due to UAHU
June 9, 2016 Free CE by Life Dept
July 2016 No free CE due to summer lull
August 11, 2016 Stone-Hill Product-Fair CE’s
September 8, 2016 Free CE by Health Dept
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