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Cigna is a leading health services provider with an international presence. That being said, we are fully committed to serving the needs and finding solutions to the challenges that small business owners and their employees face every day in regards to their benefits package. Cigna is a ‘top 5’ medical, dental and Life/disability carrier in the mountain states with a proven track record of success in the market. Our level funding product provides our clients with the ability to enter the partially self-funded world without the back side risk of traditional self-funded plans. Full comprehensive claims reporting, a robust built in wellness strategy and the ability to save additional dollars when claims run favorably are a few of the reasons why Cigna has been so successful in the UT market.

Benefits they can offer:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life
  • Accident
  • Long Term and Short Term Disability

Quote Request Forms:

For quote and rate information for Cigna please contact our staff. Cigna for 51+ will require underwriting to review the information to determine if they will quote your group or decline to quote. Please note it can take 7 to 10 business days to go through the underwriting process. Please note our checklist which lists everything that we will need as well as optional items.

Cigna will take other carrier RFP forms in place of their forms for quote requests.

Employer Forms-

RFP Information Required- Cigna

Large Group Census

Employer Risk Evaluation

Employee Forms-

If they do not have prior insurance we will need this completed by every full time employee or a phone interview completed.This usually takes 5 minutes per an employee. They will discuss any ongoing or past medical conditions. What we will need is a list of the employees with phone numbers to call please also list any good times to call if possible.

Employee Short Health Form


For any quote information for Cigna please contact our staff


New business submission:

Once the companies decides to go with Cigna we will provide you with the employer specific form.


Servicing Forms:

Employee Changes-

Change of address, change of name, dependent add or removal, and employee terminations.

Employee Short Health Form

New Hire-

Employee Short Health Form


Provider Search:

Please click the below link for an up-to-date provider search.


Marketing/Sales Material:

Cigna UT team

Healthier Company Flier

Level Funding 1 in 10

Level Funding data sheet

PPACA slide.ppt

Sample CAP Report

Dental Flyer

Life, Accident, and Disability

We would recommend that you review this information to learn more about Cigna’s level funded product and how this may help your employer groups.

The forms posted on this page are for 2017. If you are interested in any forms for previous years or any pre-ACA plan forms please contact our staff.

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