5-minute Video about Veterans and Military Retirees Getting Medicare Advantage

This post, a video produced by UnitedHealthcare, is one of several posts on military veterans and military retirees and their retirement health plans: VA Health Benefits and Tricare For Life (TFL). Some of the information is specific to UnitedHealth, although a lot of it is generic and can be used if an agent is considering supplementing a veteran’s or a military retirees government-provided healthcare with plans from other carriers. The primary message is:

If You Aren’t Talking To Military Retirees or Veterans About Medicare, You Should!

In a nutshell, the message is twofold: (1) you as an agent can enroll someone already getting VA Benefits into an MAPD, and s/he can use whichever benefit stream they desire at any time; (2) you as an agent can enroll someone with Tricare For Life (TFL) benefits into an MA-Only. In this case, there is a coordination of benefits between the MA-Only plan and Tricare, with the MA-Only plan being primary and TFL being secondary. (Although this video does not say so, you as an agent must ensure that the MA carrier is coordinating with Tricare). The video underscores the need for you as an agent to ask if the prospect/client is receiving health benefits from any other source in addition to VA or TFL. If yes, you need to do more work to ensure that you do not damage their benefits by enrolling them in an Advantage plan.

The reasons to enroll a veteran or military retiree are (1) go to a provider other than to a VA or on-base doctor, (2) avoid the prioritization and wait-times of the military benefits, (3) chiropractic benefits, (4) Silver Sneakers, (5) hearing-aid benefits, (6) house calls, (7) vision benefits. There may be more or fewer, depending on the MA plan that you enroll your clients in.

Watch this quick video – it will give you a brief preview to help you decide if selling these products makes sense for your consumers. If you haven’t considered reaching out to military retirees or veterans, now is a perfect time to learn more.

Video describing Veterans and Military Retirees


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