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Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company’s SmartChoice group ancillary program
is a leading provider of benefits to the small business marketplace. We can support
you and your small business clients & prospects with strong flexible guarantee issue
Life, LTD, STD and Dental/Vision coverages.
Our primary focus is on small businesses and class carve-outs with 2 to 9 employees
where we don’t have any family content restrictions (i.e. husband & wife firms OK),
where we even pay benefits for pre-existing conditions and where employers can
pay all, part of or none of the premiums (i.e. can be 100% employee paid).

Benefits they can offer:

  • Dental (2+ and 25% participation)
  • Vision (10+)*
  • Life (greater of 5 lives or 10%) must be combined with Dental
  • AD&D (5+)*
  • STD- Short Term Disability (greater of 5 lives or 10%)*
  • LTD- Long Term Disability (greater of 5 lives or 10%)*
  • CI- Critical Illness *

All of these will need to be quoted by Dentist DIRECT. Please contact our staff for additional information. *Must be combined with another line of benefits.

Quote Request Forms:

For quote and rate information for Dentist DIRECT please contact our staff. Please note it can take 7 to 10 business days to receive quotes back.

Group Ancillary Quote Request Form

Provider Search:

Please click the below link for an up-to-date provider search.

Marketing/Sales Material:

RSL_SmartChoice_BigWordOpportunity RS-Benefits-Easy-265x300



AOR (Agent of Record) Letter:

Below is a generic AOR to complete on letter head and fill in the parenthesis (i.e. [COMPANY NAME]= ABC Company). If you have any questions, please contact our staff. Please submit the completed AOR to for processing.


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