Senior Department Specializes in Boomer Products

As we may have mentioned, we call ourselves the Senior Department but only because that is what agents expect. Still, we do it reluctantly. It turns out that people who are turning 65 or are over 65 do not appreciate the term at all. So, you will see us use the term Boomer as a substitute for Senior wherever we can. Doing so creates some nice ripple effects:

  • It expands the market that a Boomer agent targets to include people who were born as late as 1964, people who will turn 65 in 2029
  • It expands the products that a Boomer agent can offer, increasing and stabilizing your income and your business
  • It expands marketing opportunities and makes new sales approaches both viable and compliant
  • It gives you longer to build a relationship of trust with your clients before they must sign a Medicare scope of appointment
  • It gives Stone Hill and you a term on which we can hang all sorts of positive associations. We can help you to brand the term Boomer to feel like just about whatever you want. Of course, we would target positive associations like the following. A Boomer is:
    • something notable for its kind
    • someone who is enthusiastic in what they do
    • a soccer goal scored with a lot of power
    • an extremely powerful submarine
    • someone attracted to areas where the economics are booming
    • someone in a boom town or a gold rush
    • an attractive person
    • homerun, touchdown, goal, strike, bingo, …
    • something extraordinary

Those of us who work on the behalf of Boomer agents, on your behalf, in the Senior Department do four things to help you take advantage of the economic opportunities presented by the Baby-Boomer generation:

  • We provide agents with small-business opportunities based on legal appointments to sell the products of insurance carriers and other product suppliers.
  • We enable agents to become product experts across a spectrum of products through one-on-one consulting, social media contact, training, and an information library on a myriad of topics.
  • We support agents by helping them resolve the issues that arise with small-business ownership. We call these services agent services.
  • We enable agents to adapt to the changing business environment through one-on-one consulting, a library on product and business management topics, social media, and training, so that you or your clients can research topics that are important to both of you. These topics are categorized, tagged, and searchable so that you can quickly narrow down topics even if you do not know what the topic is called when you start your search. We will even include topics, articles, or insight that you suggest so that your clients can find them—provided they meet certain quality standards. We call this set of activities agent development

We hope that you will find our vision of the future of the Boomer Insurance market compelling, and join us. We would enjoy helping you grow your business and receiving your feedback on how to improve our services.

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