North American Dental

Direct Dental Access

North American Dental offers membership-based discount plans that work like a price club offering significant dental discounts for dental care services from more than 290,000 participating providers in our six national networks. With affordable membership fee’s starting at $6.75 Mo or $74.95 Yr., you’ll have access to first class dental care that include a FREE, Vision, Hearing and Prescription plan. No Limits or Caps on use, No age restrictions, Cosmetic dentistry included, implants, dentures, braces etc. Get services in all 50 States, not sold in VT, MT, WA.


What Agents Get, Level annual commissions for as long as the policy is in force, Online data base of your customers, Online Commission tracking, easy appointment process, Referrals galore, easy sale “everyone wants it”, Get in every door, Direct Mail leads that work, 87% renewal’s creating a great ongoing income.


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