Mid-size group is from 51-99 full-time employees. A full-time employee is an employee that is currently working 30 or more hours a week. Due to the new healthcare laws employers with 51-99 full-time employees will have to meet the “pay or play” mandate for January 2016. Please keep in mind the carrier quotes are subject to medical underwriting which usually takes 7 to 10 business days.

Qualifications of mid-size group:

  • Your company consists of at least two full-time owners, officers, partners, and/or employees, as verified by officially filed state quarterly wage and tax statements
    • Your company is a legitimate business entity (i.e., your company was formed for a purpose other than to obtain insurance), as verified by one of the following documents:
    • A business license or fictitious name filing (for proprietorship and partnerships)
    • Articles of incorporation (for corporations)
    • Articles of organization (for limited liability companies)
  • Your company meets the minimum employer contribution percentage set by the insurance company.

Please note that eligibility criteria may vary among insurance companies. As always, feel free to reach out to our staff for any questions on your specific group.

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