May the 4th be with you! (Star Wars Trivia)


To help you celebrate National Star Wars day, we thought we would share some fun trivia from our favorite sci-fi series. Enjoy…


Question: Which of the Star Wars films is longest?

Answer: Attack of the Clones is the fifth film to be released in the Star Wars saga and the second in terms of the series’ internal chronology. At 142 minutes, it is the longest film in the series.

Question: From which planet is Han Solo?

Answer: Han Solo was a Human smuggler from the manufacturing planet Corellia who achieved galactic fame as a member of the Rebel Alliance and later the New Republic. Born on Corellia, he was orphaned at an early age and taken by the pirate Garris Shrike to serve on his crew.

Question: In how many languages is C-3P0 fluent?

Answer: More than 6 million

Question: Which character was originally written as a “green-skinned guy with no nose and large gills”?

Answer: Han Solo was originally supposed to be a green-skinned alien with gills and no nose

Question: What were Luke’s aunt and uncle’s job on Tatooine?

Answer: Moisture Farmers

​Question: How is George Lucas said to have given R2-D2 his name?

Answer: The name R2D2 originated from Walter Murch, the cutter of Lucas’ second movie American Graffiti. When cutting the movie together with Lucas, Walter Murch asked for “R2, D2” –meaning “Reel 2, Dialog 2”.​

Question: Who kissed Leia first — Han or Luke?

Answer: Luke (Technically she kissed him)

​Question: In the earliest outlines for the sequel, what was Yoda originally called?

Answer: In Lucas’ original draft for the film, the creature we lovingly know as Yoda was in fact named Buffy. Lucas describes the character as “Buffy very old – three or four thousand years. Kiber crystal in sword? Buffy shows Luke? Buffy the guardian. Feel not think.”​

Question: What is the Wookiee’s home world, and how do you pronounce it?

Answer: Kashyyyk — pronounced “kah-SHEEK”

Question: Which character is partially named after George Lucas’s son?

Answer: Dexter Jettster

Question: What was the original name of the first Star Wars movie when it went into production?

Answer: Adventures of Luke Starkiller, As Taken From the Journal of the Whills, Saga 1: The Star Wars

Question: In which movie does the camera pan back up after the crawl?

SW Crawl

Answer: Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Question: What does AT-AT stand for?

Answer: All Terrain Armored Transport

Question: How many Dewbacks were in the original 1977 theatrical cut of the first Star Wars movie?


Answer: Two. Five more were added in the 1977 Special Edition.

Question: Which species stole the plans to the Death Star?

Answer: Bothans

Question: Which is the first original theatrical movie where we actually see Jabba the Hutt?

Answer: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (In the Special Edition, he’s added to “A New Hope.”)

Question: Which bounty hunter in The Empire Strikes Back is wearing an old costume from a Doctor Who episode?

Answer: Bossk (Look up the “Doctor Who” episode “The Tenth Planet” to see a pilot in an identical getup)

Question: What odds does C-3P0 give Han for successfully navigating the asteroid field?

Answer: 3,720 to 1

Question: Who is Lando Calrissian’s co-pilot in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi?

Answer: Nien Nunb. He’s also the only character to speak a non-English Earth language: Kikuyu, a language from the actor’s native Kenya.

Nien Nunb

Question: What is the name of Boba Fett’s ship?

Answer: Slave 1

Question: Who was the original commander of the Death Star?

Answer: Grand Moff Tarkin

Question: What is the largest annual podrace in the world, and who was Anakin Skywalker’s chief rival in it?

Answer: The Boonta Eve Classic. Sebulba was the top competitor

Question: What day is Wookiee Life Day, and where did we first learn about the holiday?

Answer: November 17. It was in the widely-panned 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, which aired only once on television and was not directed by George Lucas.

Question: Darth Vader’s chest-piece has some writing on it. What language is it in, and what does it translate to?

Answer: Ancient Hebrew. It translates to, “His deeds will not be forgiven, until he merits.”

Question: The Imperial Probe Droid was also known by another name. What is it?

Imperial Probe Droid

Answer: Probot

Question: Where was Luke Skywalker originally headed to pick up power converters?

Answer: Tosche Station

Question: What species is Yoda?

Answer: Nobody knows (Or, maybe we should say: Knows, no one does.)

Question: Who’s the only rebel pilot to survive all three movies in the original trilogy?

Answer: Wedge Antilles

Question: Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out in December. In what month were all six original Star Wars films released?

Answer: May. The same month as George Lucas’ birthday!

May the 4th be with you!

(Photos by: Lucasfilm)

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