Marketing/Sales Events Under Medicare – Formal and Informal

There are two main types of Marketing/Sales events under Medicare regulations – Formal and Informal.

1- Formal marketing/sales events are typically structured in an audience/presenter style with a salesperson or plan representative formally providing specific plan sponsor information via a presentation on the products being offered.

2- Informal marketing/sales events consist of a less structured presentation to an audience and typically utilize a table or kiosk manned by a plan sponsor salesperson. They can discuss the attributes of the plan’s products when approached by an individual. Educational events ARE NOT marketing/sales events and can only be advertised as educational.

Educational events are events designed to inform Medicare beneficiaries about MA, Prescription Drug or other Medicare programs, but do not steer, or attempt to steer potential enrollees toward a specific plan or limited number of plans. Educational events may not include any sales activities such as the distribution of marketing materials or the distribution or collection of plan applications. Educational events must be explicitly advertised as “educational,” otherwise they will be considered by CMS as sales/marketing events. Educational events are held in public venues and do not extend to in-home or one-on-one settings.

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    • The label of “informal sales event” seems to have gone away. The Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines now call them “Personal/Individual Marketing Appointments.” They do require a scope of appointment. They do not require you to report them to a carrier.

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