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GROUP BENEFITSRetiree Health Coverage

Group Retiree Health Coverage from an Industry Leader

For more than 25 years, The Hartford has been serving the Group Retiree Health market with tailored, flexible solutions. In a time when those qualities matter more than ever, consider us your first stop for Group Retiree Health.


Our medical plans and administration are designed for post-65 retirees only so we specialize in making it easier to help retirees:

  • Fill in the gaps that Medicare doesn’t cover.
  • Get their prescription needs met without hassles or delays.

Medical Plans and Rx Solutions for Groups of All Sizes

The Hartford offers a countrywide group solution for as few as two retirees to as many as thousands. Small and large businesses alike can depend on

  • Multiple billing options.
  • A whole range of Rx coverage options.

Your Financial Ally in a Tight Economy

Group Retiree Health from The Hartford can be a cost-saver when it really counts:

  • No employer contribution required.
  • No rate change in five years on primary medical plans.




Whether your clients want to limit their liability in covering retiree health or are looking to control their costs, The Hartford can help. Starting today. Learn more by visiting our group retiree website or, call 1-877-223-9782.READY SOLUTIONS

Prepare. Protect. Prevail. With The Hartford.SM

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