Group Health

Group Health insurance is employer sponsored health coverage. This means that the employer of a company is contributing a dollar amount or a percentage to the employee’s medical premium. Here at Stone Hill National, we offer a variety of carriers that you can present to your clients. Depending on each carrier’s structure, determines the minimum contribution amount that the employer is required to contribute.

The size of the company will let us know which carriers to present. Once we receive the quote request from you, we will quote the company to all of the carriers that you are contracted with through us in-house. This means that the turnaround time for every quote request is faster. If you are not yet contracted, don’t worry, we will quote the carriers while you go through the appointment process. Once we have all of the quotes completed, we will put them on a simple one page comparison spreadsheet for you to present to your client. When your client has decided which carrier they want to continue forward with, we will help you through the submission process through that carrier. After the Group is in-force, we are still here to support you and your client. We will help you with any servicing needs throughout the year and we will assist you through the renewal process once the renewal time comes. As always, feel free to reach out to our staff for any questions.


Please note, to the left is a link that has our quote request census format that you can complete online for us to run options.

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