EMI (Educator’s Mutual Insurance)


EMI has a long history in Utah, providing exemplary service to public and private employer groups in Utah for 80 years. We have operated safely through depression, recession and inflation, through sound business practices and conservative leadership. EMI Health enjoys a ratio of assets over liabilities that is one of the strongest in the industry, with 90 percent of those assets invested in investment-grade securities. EMI Health also maintains a high ratio of surplus funds to policy reserve liabilities, an indication of the company’s ability to take the current economic environment in stride.

It is our mission to provide the best possible benefits at the lowest reasonable costs. EMI Health is guided by a board of directors made up of insurance and industry experts who are committed to that mission. And with no stockholders to pay, excess earnings are redirected into lower premiums and better benefits for our insureds.

EMI Health is a local company committed to superior customer service as demonstrated by annual member surveys that consistently show satisfaction levels over 90 percent and the fact that we have been named Utah’s Best of State in Insurance.

Benefits they can offer:

  • Medical
    • 51-99
    • 100+
  • Dental
  • Vision

All of these will need to be quoted by EMI. Please contact our staff for additional information.

Quote Request Forms:

For quote and rate information for EMI please contact our staff. Please note it can take 7 to 10 business days to receive the quote back.

Group Ancillary Quote Request Form

Provider Search:

Please click the below link for an up-to-date provider search.


AOR (Agent of Record) Letter:

Below is a generic AOR to complete on letter head and fill in the parenthesis (i.e. [COMPANY NAME]= ABC Company). If you have any questions, please contact our staff. Please submit the completed AOR to ella@stonehill.net for processing.


The forms posted on this page are for 2017. If you are interested in any forms for previous years or any pre-ACA plan forms please contact our staff.

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