Boomer-Product Supplies

Nowadays, insurance carriers are promoting their online enrollments processes more and more. Enrolling online saves time, money, and prevents errors. Everybody (carriers, agents, and clients) wins once the initial learning curve has been borne.

Sometimes, however, agents still want to fill out paper enrollment applications. In this case, carriers have systems in place to drop-ship supplies directly to agents. Most of the time, such systems work to everyone’s satisfaction, theirs and yours. However, if you run out of paper supplies and need them as fast as you can get them, there are two steps that you can take:

  1. Most of the time, you can log in to the carrier’s website, find the supplies that you need, download them as PDF’s, and print enough to tide you over until your ordered shipment arrives. This is the fastest way for you to solve the issue.
  2. Sometimes, the fastest way still has challenges, so you can also contact Stone Hill to see if we can help. Sometimes we can; sometimes we can’t. But we are willing to give it a try to help you in your selling efforts.

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