Boomer-Agent Compensation and Commissions

Stone Hill makes a distinction between compensation and commissions. Compensation is a schedule about what you should be paid while commissions are what you are actually paid. It is the difference between theory and practice. In an ideal world, commissions would always equal compensation, but ….

If you keep good sales records, you should be able to predict your commissions every month. When your commissions do not equal what you anticipate, then you need to go into problem-solving mode. Generally, you can call or otherwise contact the agent/producer help desk at the carrier with the discrepancy. Oftentimes, they will recognize the problem and fix it, especially if you have supporting documentation. Other times, you find out that they will not fix it. At that point, you have a choice: you can drop the issue or you can escalate. Stone Hill can be part of your escalation process. Sometimes, we can use our influence to nudge things in your favor. Sometimes, we are not successful. And you would be surprised by how often our success depends on how professional and calm you were when talking with the carrier in the first place. If you started calling their employees names, we may be fighting to preserve your appointment rather than getting you paid what you think that you are owed.

So please, be professional even if you are frustrated and call us to see if we can help.


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