Stone Hill National has been recognized for a long time now as the go to for health insurance and Medicare needs. Because of that, insurance agents and financial advisors can often look at different types of insurance or financial products as being out of our realms of expertise. The reality is, regardless of the type of insurance we are selling, we are generally trying to protect clients against the loss of their income, their assets, or we may be just trying to save them money. Health insurance is closely related to long term care insurance, but not the same. Life insurance is used in many different ways and in recent years, some products have been on the market with some of the benefits or protections of long term care products. “Hybrid” products are becoming more prevalent in the marketplace. Today, there are annuity products on the market from various companies that are also “hybrid” products.

For many agents, annuities also feel like an insurance product that is out of their arena. Because of that, agents don’t want to ask about their clients money because they are concerned they don’t know enough about the products. Not too many years ago, when it came to additional benefits of an annuity, they were questioned as to whether a client could get their money without penalty if they were confined in a nursing home. They can address the various client needs of growing their money, providing an income, providing money when their health starts to fail with decreased capacity to take care of themselves, providing additional money if they find themselves in a nursing home/long term care facility, and even death benefits once they have passed on.

In our drive to help our agents address these needs, Stone Hill National has recently partnered with a 52 year old nationwide annuity IMO/brokerage that just happens to be located right here in the Salt Lake Valley like us. We now have access to annuity products and carrier appointment contracting from many of the top companies in the market. At Stone Hill National, our vision is to help you, our client, to increase your wisdom, opportunity, and profitability through providing you the resources, the carriers, product lines, and competitive compensation that you deserve, all with the one company in the state posit

We want to take the trust you have placed in us for life and health insurance and prove to you that even though it hasn’t been a focus of ours in the past, that we are well equipped to help you and your business whether expanding into the annuity market for the first time or have many years of experience with

Here are some of the resources that our new partner brings to us are a well trained staff with many years of expertise for quality case design and quoting, advanced market concepts, case management, and a back office website that will help you and us both be able to see business from start to finish.

Broker Back Office features:

  • Some self quoting abilities
  • Ability to look up your commission rates (depending on products, states, ages, etc.)
  • Check the status of your pending business with a single website
  • Reporting of your business placed, paid, etc.

For more information, quotes and back office support call Brad at 888-877-2141 or via email at

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